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My God Does - Diamond Rio
  • Canción: My God Does
  • Artista: Diamond Rio
  • Album: The Reason
  • Duración: 3:45
  • Peso: 3.46 MB
  • Calidad: 128 kbps
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  • Publicado: hace 5 meses

Letra de My God Does - Diamond Rio

My God there I go again Keep messing up when I think I can run the world Once more out here at my wits end Feel like I'm lost again Tossed again I could use a friend (CHORUS) When am I gonna live When am I gonna learn When am I gonna finally figure it out Where I could turn To find sanity When everything goes crazy Where am I gonna go When I need some help Where am I gonna ever find The power to forgive myself When I don't have the love My God does I swear I've been here before Swearing I would never make The same mistake again Nowhere to go but up from here I guess I had a prayer All along you where there (CHORUS) When I don't Gives me the will when I just won't Gives me the power in the hour of my need (CHORUS)